(18 credits)

Required Core Courses (6 Credits)
DIS333Disaster Psychology3
DIS492Practicum in Disaster Response 13
Additional Core Courses (9 Credits)
Students are encouraged to complete at least one core course that focuses on developing multicultural competence.
Select at least three (3) courses from Category II:9
Principles of Cultural Anthropology
Intro To Black Studies
Black Sociology
Introduction to African Psychology: A Cultural Approach
Human Geography
Geography of Hazards
The following Category II courses have prerequisites or restrictions:
Communication Among Cultures
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
State and Local Politics
Public Management
Politics and Media
Mental Health Professions
Health Psychology
Crisis Intervention
Introduction to Human Services
Elective Courses (3 Credits)
Select at least one (1) course from the Category III list below or one additional course from Category II above3
Principles of Management
Interpersonal Communication
Social Inequality in the United States
The following Category III courses have prerequisites or restrictions:
Counseling Underrepresented Students
Conflict Management
Social Psychology
Death in American Society
Sociology of Families
Mass Media and Culture
Total Credits18

Practicum will emphasize preparation, crisis intervention, and response to potential emergencies and disasters. Students will spend eight (8) hours per week in the field at a designated site. Under advisement, students will have the opportunity to give service to the American Red Cross or to the county or New York State Emergency Management offices. All students will meet as a group with the practicum coordinator for discussion and group supervision. During practicum it is expected that students will make themselves available for emergency response in the event of a local disaster.