18 credits

  • A grade of C- or better is required for credit toward the minor.
  • Students may not cross-count more than 9 credits with another major or minor.
Required Core Courses (9 Credits)
CMD202Deaf Culture and Heritage 3
Select two of the following:6
Elementary American Sign Language 1
Elementary American Sign Language 2
Intermediate American Sign Language 1
Intermediate American Sign Language 2
Elective Courses (9 Credits)
Select three of the following:9
Visual Anthropology
Survey of Communication Disorders (not available for CMD majors)
Intermediate American Sign Language 1 (if not counted above)
Intermediate American Sign Language 2 (if not counted above)
Language Development in Children (not available for CMD majors)
Introduction to Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Communication Among Cultures
Deaf Studies Fieldwork
Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education
Expressive Arts in Education
or EDS377
Expressive Arts in Education 2
Race, Class, Gender, and Social Justice in Teaching (Education students only)
Health Psychology
Ethiopia Deaf Study Abroad
Education Across Borders
Social Inequality in the United States
Introduction to Human Services 1
Multiple Voices: Diversity in US Education
Introduction to Disability Studies
Total Credits18

Students who have a major in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services (CHS) may count SOC444 Human Services Theory and Practice II and SOC481 Fieldwork in Human Services II in the elective category of the minor with a relevant internship (requires CHS and minor advisor approval).