(39-41 credits)

The major in Communication Studies emphasizes an understanding of communication principles and humanistic approaches to communication studies as well as the development of skills in political, organizational, and interpersonal contexts. The major provides a foundation for graduate work or for a career in any profession that deals with the public, such as politics, law, business, social work, or teaching. Students majoring in Communication Studies may focus their course work by choosing one of two concentrations: Organizational Communication or Interpersonal-Intercultural Communication.

Required Introductory Courses (6 Credits)
CMM100Introduction to Communication3
CMM104Public Speaking 3
Required Intermediate Courses (6 Credits)
Select two of the following:6
Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Storytelling and Culture
Required Theory Courses (3 Credits)
CMM353Persuasion and Social Influence3
or CMM354 Quantitative Communication Research Methods
Elective Courses (12 Credits)
Select 12 credits, including at least 6 upper-division credits12
Concentrations (12-13 Credits)
Majors must complete one concentration, including a seminar that is considered the capstone course.12-13
Total Credits39-40

Concentration 1: Organizational Communication

Select 3 of the following:9-10
Introduction to Public Relations
Communication Among Cultures
Organizational Communication I
Training and Development
Introduction to Advertising
Advertising Sales
Basics of Organizational Psychology
Capstone Seminar (4 Credits)
CMM454Organizational Communication Seminar 4
Total Credits13-14

Concentration 2: Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication

Select 3 of the following:9-10
Computer-Mediated Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Conflict Management
Communication Among Cultures
Communication and Gender
Crisis Intervention
Social Interaction
Capstone Seminar (4 Credits)
CMM455Interpersonal Communication Seminar 4
Total Credits13-14

Public Relations Concentration

(38-41 credits)

Required Lower-division Courses (10 Credits)
CMM104Public Speaking 3
DMJ210Investigating Journalism3
DMJ230Journalism 14
Required Upper-division Courses (16 Credits)
CMM312Design and Public Relations3
CMM315Introduction to Public Relations3
CMM316Public Relations Campaigns3
CMM317Social Media and Public Relations3
CMM456Proposals, Plans & Projects4
or DMJ314 Feature Writing
Required Persuasion Course (3 Credits)
BUS326Consumer Behavior 13
or CMM355 Nonverbal Communication
Required Ethics Course (3-4 Credits)
DMJ347Media Ethics3-4
or PHI305 Business Ethics
Electives (6-8 Credits)
Select 6-8 credits of the following:6-8
Legal Environment of Business 1
Marketing 1
International Business 1,2
Quantitative Communication Research Methods
Nonverbal Communication
Communication Among Cultures
Organizational Communication I
Communication, Culture, and Difference
Internship in Communication
and Internship Seminar
Introduction to Advertising
Introduction to Media Programming and Management
Writing for Digital Media
Media Research Methods
Global Media
Total Credits38-41