(33 credits)

Required Courses (12 Credits)
BLK100Intro To Black Studies 3
BLK201Black History I 3
BLK202Black History II 3
BLK490Seminar in Black Studies 3
Core Courses (12 Credits)
One course from each of the four cores: historical, humanities, socio-psychological, and political-economic.12
Electives (9 Credits)
Each major candidate is required to complete, by advisement, 3 additional Black Studies courses.9
Total Credits33

Historical Core

BLK200Introduction To Africa 3
BLK231Development of Afro-Latin Amer. Civilization (1492-1825) 3
BLK232Contemporary Afro-Latin American Civilization Since 18253
BLK301Survey of Pre-Colonial Africa to 1800 3
BLK302Survey of Contemporary Africa: Nineteenth Cent to Present 3
BLK309Introduction to Afro-Brazilian History 3
BLK311Blacks in the Caribbean, 1492-Present 3
BLK325History of Slavery in the Americas 3
BLK331The American Civil Rights Movement 3
BLK347History of South Africa 3
BLK369History of Terrorism Against Blacks and Native Americans3
BLK401Blacks in New York History 3
BLK417The African Diaspora in World History3
BLK450The Portuguese in Africa 3
BLK460West African Kingdoms in the Nineteenth Century 3
BLK522African/African-American History & Experiences 3

Humanities Core

BLK205The Black and Latino Experiences:Writing For Scholars3
BLK260Essence of Black Music 3
BLK263Black Dance 3
BLK265African American Art 3
BLK268Survey of Black American Literature 3
BLK269Black Poetry and Drama 3
BLK272Rap and Spoken Word3
BLK300Gospel Choir Voices of Unity 2
BLK310Blacks and the Media 3
BLK315Black and Latino Child Lit3
BLK320Contemporary Black American Literature 3
BLK323Black Poetry 3
BLK328Black Drama in America 3
BLK333Black Rhetoric 3
BLK363African Dance 3
BLK375Black Gospel Music 3
BLK380Black Music of the 1960's 3
BLK396Black English: Language and Culture 3
BLK412Critical Analysis of Black American Literature 3
BLK415Recurrent Themes in Black Literature 3
BLK510Contemporary Black Women's Literature 3

Socio-Psychological Core

BLK221The Black Woman 3
BLK271Black Sociology 3
BLK285Introduction to African Psychology: A Cultural Approach3
BLK340Psychology of Black Americans 3
BLK350Contemporary Social Issues in the Black Community 3
BLK355The Black Family 3
BLK357Psychology of the Black Child 3
BLK370Education in the Black Community 3
BLK420Counseling Underrepresented Students 3

Political-Economic Core

BLK175Issues in the Education of Underrepresented College Students 3
or INT175 Issues in the Education of Underrepresented College Students
BLK250Malcolm X Man and Times 3
BLK275Advocacy Journalism in the Black Community 3
BLK290The Political Economy of Black America 3
BLK330Race and Racism in US Hist 3
BLK335Blacks and the American Law 3
BLK345Black and Latino Leadership 3
BLK360Politics of the U.S.A. and the Black Community 3
BLK364History of Black Political Thought 3
BLK430Black Organization and Movements in the Twentieth Century 3

Majors are encouraged to take KIS101 Elementary KiSwahili I and KIS102 Elementary KiSwahili II to fulfill their language requirement for General Education. Other elective options granted on an individual basis are BLK494 Fieldwork in Black Studies and BLK495 Independent Study in Black Studies.