(35 credits)

When declaring the major, students submit a brief personal statement of intent.

Students majoring in Asian Studies must receive no less than C- in any course used to satisfy the major requirements.

Up to 16 transferred credits from study abroad may be applied to the major.

When applying to graduate, students submit a short exit essay reflecting upon their intellectual development, along with one or more examples of their best written work.

Required Courses (8 Credits)
Each major is required to complete at least one year of intermediate-level language study in either Chinese or Japanese. 18
Intermediate Chinese 1
or JPN201
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Chinese II
or JPN202
Intermediate Japanese 2
Asian Studies Electives (26 Credits) 2
Students must complete, by advisement:26
Asian Studies Social Sciences (AS-SOC) courses: 12-14 credits
Asian Studies Arts & Humanities (AS-ARTS) courses: 12-14 credits 3
Within the AS-SOC and AS-ARTS elective categories, select one course from each of the following sub-categories:
Asian Studies Perspectives (ASP): minimum 3 credits
Beyond China or Japan (AREA): minimum 3 credits
Capstone Prerequisite Course (CPC): minimum 3 credits 4
Capstone Seminar (1 Credits)
ASN400Asian Studies Seminar1
Total Credits35

Students with a high degree of language proficiency in these or other Asian languages may take 8 credits in other Asian Studies courses.


At least 23 elective credits must be at the upper division (300/400 level).


Please refer to the current list of AS-SOC and AS-ARTS courses:

Asian Studies Course Grid rev Fall 2022 (for students who declare the major as of fall 2022 or after)

Asian Studies Course Grid (for students who declared the major prior to fall 2022)


Students must earn a minimum grade of B- on their CPC research paper. For more information about CPC courses and the Capstone course (ASN 400), see this information sheet.