(37 credits)

When declaring the major, students submit a brief personal statement of intent.

Up to 16 transferred credits from study abroad may be applied to the major.

Majors in Asian Studies must receive no less than a C- in any course that is used to satisfy the program requirements.

When applying to graduate, students submit a short exit essay reflecting upon their intellectual development, along with one or more examples of their best written work.

Required Courses (16 Credits)
Each major is required to complete at least two years of language study in either Chinese or Japanese. 116
Content Courses on Asia (21 Credits)
Each major is required to complete, by advisement, at least 9-12 credits in the Social Sciences (SOC)2 category and 9-12 credits in the Humanities/Arts (HUM/ART)2 category.21
Among the required 21 credits, students must take at least 3 credits in an area of Asia beyond China or Japan, and
Introduction to Asia (or at least 3 credits in “Asian Studies Perspectives” courses, which include:)
Images and Ideas Asian Art
Introduction to Asia
Economic Development of Asia-Pacific
Great Bks Asian Classics (designated sections only)
Ancient World
Modern China
International Politics of the Asia-Pacific
Total Credits37