(42 credits)

Please note:

  • A minimum grade of C- is required for a course to count toward the requirements of the major.
  • Only three (3) credits of Independent Study may be applied to the major unless otherwise approved by the major advisor or the chair of Anthropology.
  • Majors are encouraged to go beyond the 42-credit program in order to develop greater concentrations in the particular sub-fields of anthropology. In addition to taking more courses within the anthropology curriculum, they are encouraged to study in the related fields.
Required Introductory Courses (12 Credits)
ANT213Intro to Archaeology 3
ANT214Cultural Anthropology 3
ANT215Intro to Biological Anthro3
ANT216Language and Culture3
Required Upper-Division Core Courses (12 Credits)
ANT400Development of Anthropological Thought 3
ANT401Comparative Social Organization 3
ANT402Research Methods in Anthropology 3
ANT490Seminar Four Fields of Anthrop3
Required Electives (18 Credits)
Six (6) additional anthropology courses are required, two (2) of which must focus on different world areas (see list below).18
Total Credits42

World Area Courses

The following courses fulfill the World Area requirement for the major. You must take one (1) course from two (2) different areas. Please consult with your advisor as some selected topics courses (ANT393 Anthro Selected Topic, ANT493 Anthropology Selected Topic) may also fulfill this requirement.


ANT370Cultures of East Asia3
ANT378Cultures of South Asia3


ANT304Ancient Mesoamerica 3

North America

ANT303Indians of North America 3
ANT312North American Archaeology 3
ANT314New York State Archaeology 3

South America

ANT305Cultures of South America3