(102 credits)

  • Engineering students follow a modified, 22-credit General Education requirement that includes ENG170 Writing and Rhetoric or ENG206 Advanced Writing and Rhetoric1 or equivalent, plus one (1) course from each of the following six GE categories:
  1. United States Studies
  2. World Civilizations & Cultures
  3. Western Civilization
  4. Humanities
  5. Social Sciences
  6. The Arts
  • A total of 124 credits is required to complete the Bachelor's degree.
  • Students may not enroll in any engineering course unless all prerequisites have been met with a grade of C- or better.
  • Students are required to receive grades of C- or better in any course that is used to satisfy engineering major requirements. Courses taken on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis cannot be applied toward engineering major requirements.
Math/Science Foundation Courses (33 Credits)
MAT251Calculus I 4
MAT252Calculus II 4
MAT353Calculus III4
MAT359Ordinary Differential Equations 3
MAT362Linear Algebra 3
MAT380Applied Probability and Statistics3
Select one of the following:4
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
General Biology I
and Gen Bio 1 Lab
General Physics 1
and Physics 1 Laboratory
General Physics 2
and General Physics 2 Lab
Core Engineering Courses (57 Credits)
EGG101Introduction to Engineering Science 3
EGC251C/C++ Programming3
EGC220Digital Logic Fundamentals3
EGC221Digital Logic Lab1
EGE200Circuit Analysis3
EGE201Circuits Laboratory1
EGC331Microcontroller System Design3
EGE311Signals and Systems 3
EGE340Applied Electromagnetics3
EGC331Microcontroller System Design3
EGC332Microcontroller Laboratory1
EGE320Electronics I 3
EGE322Electronics I Laboratory 1
EGE350Electric Energy Systems3
EGE351Electric Energy Systems Laboratory1
EGE321Electronics II 3
EGE323Electronics II Laboratory 1
EGE416Control Systems3
or EGM331 Thermodynamics
EGE412Communication Systems3
EGG321Technical Communication3
EGG408Senior Design Project I 23
EGG409Sr Design Project 2 23
Electrical Engineering Technical Electives (12 Credits)
Twelve credits of technical electives are required, which must include at least one upper-division electrical (EGE), computer (EGC), and/or mechanical (EGM) engineering lecture course. 312
Total Credits102