37-38 credits

  • At least one-half of your courses for the English major must be completed at New Paltz.
  • Credits for Composition courses (ENG160 Composition IENG170 Writing and Rhetoric, ENG180 Composition IIENG206 Advanced Writing and RhetoricENG207 Intermediate Composition ) are not included in the major requirement.
  • Courses taken S*/U* or graded below C- cannot be counted toward the major.
  • Students transferring 3-credit English courses considered equivalent to 4-credit ENG courses at New Paltz may need to take additional English electives to make up missing credits. All Adolescence Education: English majors must complete at least 37 credits.
Foundational Courses (16 Credits)
ENG300Seminar in Critical Practices4
ENG303Introduction to British Literature4
ENG333Introduction to American Literature4
ENG343Transnational Literature4
or ENG353 Multiethnic and Diasporic Literature
English Language (3 Credits)
Select one of the following:3
Development of Modern English
Intro To Linguistics
Shakespeare (4 Credits)
ENG406Shakespeare I: Selected Works 4
or ENG407 Shakespeare II: Selected Works
Theory and Practice of Reading and Writing (3 Credits)
Select one of the following:3
Expository Writing
Creative Writing Workshop I
Theories of Writing
Literacy Criticism (4 Credits)
ENG420Literary Criticism 4
or ENG423 Contemporary Literary Theory
Literature for Young Adults (4 Credits)
ENG460Classic Juvenile Fantasy Literature 4
or ENG465 Young Adult Literature
Upper-Division Course in English (3-4 Credits)
Select one course 13-4
Total Credits37-38

Excludes ENG345 Creative Writing Workshop I , ENG348 Dramatic Writing Stag and Scrn, ENG445 Creative Writing Workshop II , ENG448 Writing the Novel, ENG452 The Craft of Fiction , ENG453 The Craft of Poetry , ENG454 The Craft of Creative Non Fiction , ENG455 The Craft of Dramatic Writing .