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The Early Childhood Studies non-certification program blends theoretical and pedagogical content with practical experience, providing students with multiple opportunities to apply foundational knowledge within a variety of educational contexts where young children (infant through age 8) play and learn outside the public school classroom.

Classes explore early childhood pedagogy and practice, curriculum development and design, research and policy to prepare students to work in such alternative learning environments as daycare settings, after-school and tutoring programs, and programs for young children, parents and caregivers in museums, hospitals and community organizations. Multiple fieldwork experiences and an 80-hour internship provide opportunities for students to apply course content in settings that align with students' interests and career goals.

As with all School of Education programs, Early Childhood Studies offers:

  • high-quality instruction from dedicated, passionate faculty;
  • courses that reflect current research in such areas as play, early childhood development, social and emotional learning, curriculum development, and language and literacy development;
  • clinically rich preparation that emphasizes a balanced and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning;
  • a commitment to preparing caring, critical, and reflective professionals.

Successful completion of the Early Childhood Studies program leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree without recommendation for the issuance of a New York State teacher certificate.

Notice to Persons Who Have Prior Felony Convictions

State University of New York (SUNY) policy prohibits SUNY New Paltz admission applications from inquiring into an applicant’s prior criminal history. Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet the licensure requirements for certain professions, including the program in Early Childhood Studies.

Individuals with prior criminal histories are advised to seek advice and guidance from the chair of the academic department regarding the impact of a criminal record on meeting the requirements of the major/professional licensure or certification prior to declaring the major.

Admission Requirements

  • Students may declare a major in Early Childhood Studies during their first year. Those who enter the program at a later point may need more than eight semesters to graduate.
  • Students must choose an academic concentration, some of which have their own entrance criteria.
  • Students must meet the following requirements to continue in the program:
    • 3.0 GPA overall; 2.5 GPA in academic concentration
    • 4-7 credits in Writing and Rhetoric (1-2 composition courses) with a grade of “B” or better; minimum “B-” or “S” for required EED and SPE courses; minimum “C” for required foundation courses (EDS340 Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education, EDS371 Child Psychology and Development , MAT140 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I, MAT240 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II, GEO202 Physical Geography, foreign language)
    • 30 hours of independent fieldwork (classroom observations; paid or volunteer work with children in schools, camps, daycare centers; coaching, tutoring, etc.)
    • Passing score on writing sample (to be evaluated by Early Childhood Studies faculty for organization and appropriate English grammar and usage).

Education Course Requirements

The sequence described below is for a full-time student; however, the program may be completed on a part-time basis.
Years One and Two (57-60 Credits)
EDS340Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDS371Child Psychology and Development 3
EDS376Expressive Arts in Education 3
EDS494Fieldwork in Educational Studes3
EED301Fieldwork I (Pre-K-2)1
EED322Play: The Roots of Learning for Young Children3
EED345Seminar in Early Childhood Studies3
EED370Education of Diverse Populations in Early Childhood & Elementary School3
EED375Teaching Reading in the Elementary School I 3
EED391Field Experience Infants and Toddlers1
EED411Infant and Toddler Curriculum3
EED412Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum3
EED413Curriculum III: First and Second Grades3
EED414Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Children Birth-Second Grade 3
EED415The Development of Symbolic Representation, Language, and Literacy 3
EED485Field Experience Preschool and Kindergarten1
EED492Research in Early Childhood Studies3
SPE350Creating Inclusive Elementary School Classrooms 3
MAT140Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I3
MAT240Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II3
LANxxxWorld Language Requirement3-6
Total Credits57-60

Majors for Early Childhood Studies Students

The concentrations (majors) available to Early Childhood Studies students are the same as those in the Early Childhood & Childhood Education (B-6) program.

Art History

30 credits

Required Courses (24 Credits)
ARH201Art of the Western World I 3
ARH202Art of the Western World II 3
ARH358Modern Art, 1900-19703
ARH382American Art 3
or ARH420 Art of the Hudson Valley
ARS105Intro to Studio Art3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Metal
Introduction to Sculpture
Select two courses in Asian Art from the following:6
The Arts of Early China
The Arts of Later China
The Arts of Japan
Japanese Arts of the Edo Period
History of Buddhist Art
Art in Modern China
Sacred Spaces, Divine Images
Chinese Painting: Figure in Landscape
Art History Electives (6 Credits)
Select 6 credits6
Total Credits30


29-31 credits

General Biology I
and Gen Bio 1 Lab
General Biology II
and Gen Bio 2 Lab
and Genetics Lab
BIO340Ecology 4
Select one of the following:4
Plant Morphology
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Select one of the following:3
Field Biology Fall
Evolutionary Theory
Animal Behavior
Biology Electives (6-8 Credits)
Select two upper-division Biology electives6-8
Total Credits29-31

Black Studies

30 credits

Required Courses (12 Credits)
BLK100Intro To Black Studies 3
BLK357Psychology of the Black Child 3
BLK370Education in the Black Community 3
BLK396Black English: Language and Culture 3
Core Requirement (18 Credits)
Each major must complete six (6) courses from either the Historical Core or the Language Arts Core.18
Historical Core
Introduction To Africa
Black History I
Black History II
Development of Afro-Latin Amer. Civilization (1492-1825)
Contemporary Afro-Latin American Civilization Since 1825
Survey of Pre-Colonial Africa to 1800
Survey of Contemporary Africa: Nineteenth Cent to Present
Introduction to Afro-Brazilian History
Blacks in the Caribbean, 1492-Present
History of Slavery in the Americas
The American Civil Rights Movement
History of South Africa
History of Terrorism Against Blacks and Native Americans
Blacks in New York History
The Portuguese in Africa
West African Kingdoms in the Nineteenth Century
African/African-American History & Experiences
Language Arts Core
Survey of Black American Literature
Black Poetry and Drama
Rap and Spoken Word
Blacks and the Media
Black and Latino Child Lit
Contemporary Black American Literature
Black Poetry
Black Drama in America
Black Rhetoric
Critical Analysis of Black American Literature
Recurrent Themes in Black Literature
Contemporary Black Women's Literature
Total Credits30

Earth Science (Geology)

34-35 credits

Geology Courses (27-28 Credits)
GLG120Weather and Environment 4
Physical Geology
and Physical Geology Laboratory
GLG202Historical Geology4
GLG305Paleontology 4
GLG311Mineralogy and Crystallography 4
GLG331Stratigraphy-Sedimentation 4
One 300-level geology course, by advisement3-4
Cognate Courses (7 Credits)
PHY205Exploring the Solar System3
or PHY206 Exploring the Universe
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
Total Credits34-35


31-33 credits

  • At least one-half of your courses for the English major must be completed at New Paltz.
  • Credits for Composition courses (ENG160 Composition I, ENG170 Writing and Rhetoric, ENG180 Composition II, ENG206 Advanced Writing and Rhetoric, ENG207 Intermediate Composition ) are not included in the major requirement.
  • Courses taken S*/U* or graded below C- cannot be counted toward the major.
  • Students who transfer 3-credit English courses considered equivalent to 4-credit English courses at New Paltz may need to take additional English electives to make up missing credits. Early Childhood Studies students with a concentration in English must complete at least 31 credits.
Literature Requirement (12 Credits)
ENG303Introduction to British Literature4
ENG333Introduction to American Literature4
ENG353Multiethnic and Diasporic Literature4
or ENG453 The Craft of Poetry
Writing Requirement (12-13 Credits)
Select any four (4) of the following courses:12-13
Expository Writing
Practical Grammar
Seminar in Critical Practices
Creative Writing Workshop I
Theories of Writing
Intro To Linguistics
Elective Courses (7-8 Credits)
Select one of the following upper-division courses in literature before 1800: 13-4
The Bible
Greek and Roman Literature
Medieval Literature
Elizabethan Literature
Shakespeare I: Selected Works
Shakespeare II: Selected Works
Seventeenth-Century Literature
Eighteenth-Century English Literature
The Rise of the Novel
Early American Literature
Major Authors
English Selected Topics (by advisement)
One 400-level course in English 24
Total Credits31-33

Note that ENG303 Introduction to British Literature is a prerequisite for most of the elective courses listed. 


Excludes ENG420 Literary Criticism , ENG423 Contemporary Literary Theory, ENG445 Creative Writing Workshop II , ENG448 Writing the Novel, ENG451 Senior Seminar , ENG452 The Craft of Fiction , ENG453 The Craft of Poetry , ENG454 The Craft of Creative Non Fiction , and ENG455 The Craft of Dramatic Writing .


30-39 credits

Basic Language Courses (9 Credits) 1
FRN101Elementary French I 3
FRN102Elementary French II 3
FRN201Intermediate French I 3
Required Courses (30 Credits)
FRN202Intermediate French II 3
FRN301French Comp and Conver 1 4
FRN302French Comp and Convers 2 4
FRN319French Civilization 4
FRN320Francophone Cultures 4
FRN375French Literature before 1800 4
FRN376Frnch/Franc Lit Aft 1800 4
FRN3xx/4xxUpper-division French elective3
Total Credits39

Students with prior training or experience in French may obtain waivers for one or more of the basic language courses listed above, after consultation with the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures.


31-33 credits

Required Courses (10 Credits)
GEO201Human Geography3
GEO213Economic Geography3
GEO342 Cartography4
Electives (21-23 Credits)
Each major candidate is required to complete, by advisement, seven (7) courses in geography, selected from systematic and/or regional courses, at least five (5) of which shall be at the 300 level or above.21-23
Total Credits31-33


30-34 credits

  • You must have eighteen (18) upper-division credits from this plan of study.
  • All majors are required to write a 2-3 page "exit essay" as a requirement of graduation.
  • Grades below C- do not count toward the major.
  • All majors must take, with the approval of the adviser, at least one course 'pre-1500' and at least one course 'post-1500.'
  • It is expected that at least one course will focus on race, gender, and ethnicity.
Required Courses (30-34 Credits)
I. United States History:
Select two (2) courses6-8
II. World History:
Select four (4) courses 112-14
III. New York State History:
Select one of the following:3
The Empire State
Indians of New York State
Hudson Valley Culture
or alternative course by advisement
IV. Upper-Division History Electives:
Select three (3) courses9
Total Credits30-34

Students must select courses in at least two (2) geographic areas of the world outside of the United States - that is, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.


32-34 credits

Required Courses (29-30 Credits)
MAT140Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I3
MAT240Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II3
MAT241Introduction to Statistics3
MAT251Calculus I 4
MAT252Calculus II 4
MAT260Introduction to Proof3
MAT304Foundations of Algebra3
MAT331Axiomatic Geometry 3
Select one of the following:3-4
Visual Programming
Computer Science I: Foundations
Upper-Division Mathematics Elective (3-4 Credits)
Select one (1) 300- or 400-level mathematics course3-4
Total Credits32-34

Political Science

36 credits

Required Courses (12 Credits)
POL216American Govt and Politics 4
POL227Intro International Politics4
POL229Intro to Comparative Politics 4
Upper-Division Electives (24 Credits)
Select 24 credits, to include no more than six (6) credits of POL480 Government Internship.24
Total Credits36


31-40 credits

Basic Language Courses (9 Credits) 1
SPA101Elementary Spanish 1 3
SPA102Elementary Spanish 2 3
SPA201Intermediate Spanish 1 3
Required Courses (31 Credits)
SPA202Intermediate Spanish 2 4
SPA301Communication and Culture in Spanish 24
SPA361Communication and Writing in Spanish 24
SPA365The Culture and Civilization of Spain 4
SPA372Culture of Latin America4
SPA375Survey of Spanish Literature 4
SPA376Survey of Latin American Literature 4
Select one of the following:3
Spanish Phonetics and Oral Practice
Advanced Spanish Composition
Spanish elective
Total Credits40

Students with prior training or experience in Spanish may obtain waivers for one or more of the basic language courses listed above, after consultation with the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures.


Students whose home language is Spanish may substitute SPA315 Spanish for Native Speakers for either SPA301 Communication and Culture in Spanish or SPA361 Communication and Writing in Spanish.

General Education Requirement

Early Childhood Studies students take selected course work by advisement to meet General Education requirements while also satisfying Early Childhood Studies or concentration (major) requirements. See the Education Advisor (OM 115) to ensure that all curricular requirements are met.

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