Student Complaints Regarding Alleged Sexual Assault, Harassment, and/or Discrimination

If the complaint involves Title IX allegations of sexual assault, violence or harassment, and/or discrimination based on race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or marital status, the student should use procedures administered through the Office of Compliance and Campus Climate, Haggerty Administration Building, Room 602A. Allegations of sexual assault, harassment, and/or discrimination should be reported immediately to this office for a confidential discussion.

Student Complaints Regarding Professional Competence and/or Disposition

If the complaint involves the failure of a course, placement/practicum, or suspension or dismissal from a program for reasons related to competence or disposition, the student should contact the department chair or coordinator of the program in which the course is offered. They will assist you in dealing with these kinds of grievances.  

Student Complaints Regarding Nonacademic Issues

If the complaint involves nonacademic issues, the student should follow the procedures set forth by the Department of Student Affairs and administered by the Dean of Students, Haggerty Administration Building, Room 702. However, students are encouraged to seek resolution of the perceived problem directly in the unit in question before initiating processes that are more formal.