17 credits

The minor in Adolescence Education may be of interest to students seeking an introduction to the field of secondary education. 

Though the minor itself does not lead to eligibility for a New York State teacher certificate, it may pave the way toward teacher certification at the graduate level. For students pursuing a BA in Biology, Chemistry or Geology, or a BS in Mathematics, the Adolescence Education minor can facilitate completion of two degrees in five years: the undergraduate bachelor's degree and the graduate MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching). Successful completion of the MAT leads to a recommendation for an initial teaching certificate in Biology 7-12, Chemistry 7-12, Earth Science 7-12 or Mathematics 7-12.

Please consult a faculty advisor in the Department of Teaching & Learning and visit the Graduate Catalog for more information about our accelerated BA/MAT or BS/MAT programs.

Note: A minimum grade of B- is required for all courses that contribute to the Adolescence Education minor.

Core Courses (7 Credits)
SED354Foundations of Secondary Education Seminar 1
EDS340Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education 13
EDS372Developing Adolescence 13
Additional Required Courses (10 Credits)
EDS383Introduction to Literacy for Diverse Learners 3
SPE385Differentiating Instruction in the Secondary School 3
Curriculum and Assessment in the Secondary School
and Field Work #1
Total Credits17

EDS340 and EDS372 fulfill the General Education categories of U.S. Studies and Social Sciences, respectively.