Academic Skills and Knowledge Assessment

All first-year students are expected to demonstrate a high level of proficiency on placement examinations in critical thinking and mathematics. The academic support staff and college faculty evaluate placement examinations during orientation sessions. Students who demonstrate academic weaknesses or gaps in knowledge are required to enroll in critical thinking and academic support sessions that will ensure their academic success at the College.

Academic Support for Students with Learning Disabilities and Physically Handicapped Students

The goal of the Learning Specialist's Office is to assist students with disabilities in becoming independent and successful learners within the college curriculum. Students with documented learning and/or physical disabilities are eligible to receive services based on academic need. These services range from instruction in learning strategies, time management, and test-taking to contentarea tutoring and writing assistance. The Learning Specialist offers workshops on self-advocacy, computer technology, and issues related to disability.

Students with documented disabilities are legally entitled through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to receive reasonable accommodations for the learning and testing process. The Learning Specialist works to provide scribes, alternative testing arrangements, or proctors, and serves as a liaison to the faculty on behalf of the student.

Academic Workshops and Modular Courses

Each semester the teaching staff of the Academic Assistance Center designs instructional workshops in a variety of academic courses and subject areas to support the needs of faculty and students.

Multidisciplinary Tutoring Center

Individual and small group tutoring are offered for academic courses in a wide variety of courses and disciplines. The tutorial program utilizes a peer-tutorial model and maintains high standards in the selection and training of its staff.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides students with an opportunity to improve their writing skills. Designed as a support service, the Writing Center helps students clarify meaning and consider the effectiveness of their writing with regard to purpose and audience.

Under the supervision of the Tutorial Coordinator, peer tutors provide individual or small group instruction to students enrolled in English Composition and English as a Second Language and writing intensive courses.