(71-74 credits)

Note: Students must earn a grade of C- or better in all courses required for the EGS major. See the department's Advising Guidelines for additional information.

Geology (15 Credits)
GLG201Physical Geology3
GLG211Physical Geology Laboratory1
GLG339Natural Resources and Energy 3
Chemistry (20 Credits)
CHE201General Chemistry I 3
CHE211General Chemistry I Lab1
CHE202General Chemistry II 3
CHE212General Chemistry II Lab1
CHE318Organic Chemistry I 3
CHE306Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
CHE303Introduction to Analytical Chemistry 4
CHE407Instrumental Techniques 4
Environmental Geochemical Science (18 Credits)
EGS370Environmental Geochemical Science4
EGS475Environmental Geochemical Sciences Research Project 13
EGS477Senior Seminar in Environmental Science1
GLG311Mineralogy and Crystallography 4
or BIO340 Ecology
GLG346Environmental Impact Assessment3
or GEO431 Natural Resources: Utilization and Management
GEO431Natural Resources: Utilization and Management3
Cognate Courses (15-16 Credits)
GEO341Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
MAT251Calculus I 4
PHY201General Physics 13
PHY211Physics 1 Laboratory1
MAT241Introduction to Statistics3-4
or MAT252 Calculus II
Electives (6-8 Credits)
Select a minimum of two (2) of the following:6-8
Biochemistry 1
and Biochemistry Lab
Biology Selected Topic
Field Biology Fall
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry II Lab
Physical Chemistry I
Chemistry Selected Topic
Energy and the Environment
Environmental Geochemical Science Research Project 2
Remote Sensing
Structure and Tectonics
Water Resources Management
Total Credits74-77