361-49 credits

Please note that the College suspended admission to this program as of Fall 2019. The plan of study below is provided for students who declared the Adolescence Education: Spanish major prior to that date.

Basic Language Courses (13 Credits) 1
SPA101Elementary Spanish 1 3
SPA102Elementary Spanish 2 3
SPA201Intermediate Spanish 1 3
SPA202Intermediate Spanish 2 4
Additional Required Courses (27 Credits)
SPA301Communication and Culture in Spanish 24
SPA361Communication and Writing in Spanish 24
SPA365The Culture and Civilization of Spain 4
SPA372Culture of Latin America4
SPA375Survey of Spanish Literature 4
SPA376Survey of Latin American Literature 4
Select one of the following:3
Spanish Phonetics and Oral Practice
Advanced Spanish Composition
Spanish elective
Electives (9 Credits)
Each major is required to complete by advisement three courses in Spanish at the 400- or 500-level.9
Total Credits49

Candidates for certification must earn satisfactory scores on a proficiency test in Spanish.