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The interdisciplinary minor in religious studies gives students the opportunity to engage in the study of religion from the perspective of a number of different disciplines, including anthropology, philosophy, history, literature and sociology. Religions of the World is an introductory survey of the principal world religions. The coordinator may, in individual cases, allow credit for appropriate cognate courses or independent study.

Coordinator:  Bruce Milem (Department of Philosophy)


REL270. Religions of the World. 3 Credits.

A survey of several major religious traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

REL275. Islam:An Introduction. 3 Credits.

Introduction to Islam's history, beliefs, practices, and diversity. Topics include gender, war and recent portraits of Islam in the media and elsewhere.

REL293. Selected Topics Relg Studies. 3-12 Credits.

REL301. History of Christian Thought. 3 Credits.

A survey of representative thinkers and documents of the Christian tradition, from biblical times to the present. Some attention will also be given to the Christian encounter with other religions and cultures.

REL393. Selected Topics Religious Stu. 3-12 Credits.

REL493. Religious Studies Selected Top. 3-12 Credits.

REL495. Rel Studies Indep Studies. 1-12 Credits.