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Location: Jacobson Faculty Tower, Room 514

The Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program (LACS) offers students a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on the people, history, arts and literature, politics, economy, and geography of this vibrant region.  Our program also promotes awareness of the relationships between Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States and of Latinx communities in the United States.  Our faculty are active teachers and scholars from a wide range of academic disciplines spread across multiple departments, including Anthropology, Black Studies, Communication, Economics, Geography, History, Language, Literatures and Cultures, Political Science, Sociology, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies.  Faculty have ongoing research projects, using diverse methodologies, in Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela, as well as among Latinx in the United States.  We sponsor and co-sponsor many academic, social and cultural events on campus every semester.

Graduates with expertise in Latin America are sought by employers in many professions, including academia, business, education, government, law enforcement, medical and social services, international companies/organizations, and non-profits. Combining a Latin American & Caribbean Studies major/minor with a Spanish major/minor enhances career options in the global market.


LAM270. Introduction to Latin American Studies . 3 Credits.

Broad historical and geographic outlines of Latin America stressing cultural diversity, economic development, and revolution and militarism. Case studies of individual countries.

LAM293. Latin Am Select Topics. 3-12 Credits.


LAM295. Indep Study Latin Amer & Carri. 1-12 Credits.

LAM393. Latin Am Select Topics. 3-12 Credits.

LAM399. Modular Course. 1 Credit.

LAM493. Latin AM Selected Topics. 3-12 Credits.


LAM494. Latin American Fieldwork. 1-12 Credits.

LAM495. Indep Study Latin Americ. 3-12 Credits.

The required senior capstone course for Latin American Studies majors is a 3-credit independent study project, supervised by a member of the Latin American Studies faculty and completed during the student's final semester.