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The Asian Studies program offers students the opportunity to deepen their international outlook and cultural understanding of Asia through interdisciplinary study. In conjunction with Japanese or Chinese language study, students may choose from several dozen courses offered by faculty from over ten departments. The program's regional coverage includes South, Southeast, East and Northeast Asia.

Students in Asian Studies often, though not always, combine their Asian Studies major with another major or minor in a particular discipline.

The Asian Studies program strongly encourages study abroad in Asia. Through the campus' Center for International Programs, students have access to many opportunities including, though not limited to, programs in China, Japan, Korea, and India.

Graduates with expertise in Asia are sought by employers in a wide range of professions, including academia, business, government and think tanks, international companies and organizations, libraries and museums, media, non-profit organizations, and the teaching professions at home and abroad.


ASN100. East-West Living & Learning Community. 1 Credit.

Participation in a Living & Learning community bringing together domestic students interested in Japanese & Chinese culture with students from those countries in a dorm setting where they engage in educational activities.

ASN200. Introduction to Asia. 3 Credits.

A gateway to the Asian Studies major. The introduction exposes students to important concepts, themes and developments in Asia.

ASN293. Asian Studies Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.

ASN295. Independent Study Asian Studie. 1-12 Credits.

ASN393. Selected Topics. 3-12 Credits.

ASN399. Asian Studies Modular Course. 1-12 Credits.

ASN400. Asian Studies Seminar. 1 Credit.

Capstone for graduating Asian Studies majors.

ASN495. Independent Study Asian. 1-12 Credits.