Required Foundation Courses (15 Credits)
ARS100Drawing: Visual Thinking I 3
ARS101Drawing: Visual Thinking II 3
ARS102Design: Color3
ARS103Design: Form3
ARS112Art Seminar 3
Art History Courses (12 Credits)
ARH201Art of the Western World I 3
ARH202Art of the Western World II 3
ARH358Modern Art, 1900-19703
or ARH359 Contemporary Art, 1970 to the Present
ARH368History of Photography 3
Required Senior Seminar (3 Credits)
ARS490BFA Seminar3
Required Program Courses (33 Credits)
ARS230Basic Digital Photography 13
ARS250Basic Photography 13
ARS331Photo Books and Installations 23
ARS332The Large Format Image 23
ARS333Advanced Digital Color Photography 33
ARS334Digital Video 23
ARS350The Constructed Image 23
ARS450The Document 23
ARS451Contemporary Issues 23
ARS452Senior Studio in Photography I 3
ARS453Senior Studio in Photography II 3
Required Cognate Courses (6 Credits)
ARS280Basic Printmaking 3
ARS307Typography 3
Studio Electives (12 Credits)
Select 12 credits of studio electives12
Total Credits81

This eight-semester plan (see important details) is intended to guide a first-year student through a four-year undergraduate career, with completion of an academic major and all college-wide degree requirements. The plan is designed as an advising tool – a starting point for careful discussions between a student and his/her academic adviser. In consultation, the student and adviser will adjust the plan to accommodate the student’s prerequisite needs, transferred credits, and other such variables.

Students are responsible for reviewing their Progress Reports each semester to track their own progress toward degree requirements.

Eight-Semester Plan
Year 1
Gen Ed: Composition (COMP) 3
Gen Ed: Natural Sciences (NSCI) 3
ARS112 Art Seminar 3
ARS100 Drawing: Visual Thinking I 3
ARS102 Design: Color 3
Gen Ed: Composition (COMP) 3
ARS230 Basic Digital Photography 3
ARS103 Design: Form (ART) 3
ARH201 Art of the Western World I 3
ARS101 Drawing: Visual Thinking II 3
Year 2
Gen Ed: Humanities (HUM) 3
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG) 3
ARS307 Typography 3
ARS250 Basic Photography 3
ARS333 Advanced Digital Color Photography 3
ARS280 Basic Printmaking 3
ARS350 The Constructed Image 3
Gen Ed: Foreign Languages (FLNG) 3
ARS332 The Large Format Image 3
ARH202 Art of the Western World II 3
Year 3
Gen Ed: United States Studies (USST) 3
Gen Ed: Social Sciences (SSCI) 3
ARS331 Photo Books and Installations 3
ARS450 The Document 3
Modern Art, 1900-1970
or Contemporary Art, 1970 to the Present
Gen Ed: Western Civilization (WEST) 3
Gen Ed: Diversity (DIVR) 3
ARS451 Contemporary Issues 3
ARS334 Digital Video 3
ARH368 History of Photography 3
Year 4
Gen Ed: World Civilizations and Cultures (WRLD) 3
ARS490 BFA Seminar 3
Upper-Division Studio Elective 3
Gen Ed: Mathematical Inquiry (MATH) 3
ARS452 Senior Studio in Photography I 3
Studio electives 3
Upper-Division Studio Electives 6
Gen Ed: Natural Sciences (NSCI) 3
ARS453 Senior Studio in Photography II 3
 Total Credits120