New Paltz General Education (GE III) requirements cover a breadth of knowledge organized around four broad content areas that encompass eleven course categories. Students who begin at New Paltz as freshmen are required to complete at least one course in each category. Transfer students, however, may be eligible to waive some or all GE III requirements, based upon evaluation of their transfer credits and receipt of their final transcript.

Students transferring to New Paltz with a SUNY associate degree (AA or AS) are required to meet only the SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY GER); all additional requirements associated with New Paltz's GE III program will be considered met by degree. Upon receipt of the final transcript showing the degree award, all GE III requirements that exceed the SUNY GER will be waived .

Students transferring to New Paltz without a SUNY associate degree will, upon receipt of the final transcript(s), receive credit for GE categories successfully completed and may receive up to three GE waivers based on the number of credits transferred to New Paltz:

45 credits transferred = one GE waiver
60 credits transferred = two GE waivers
75 credits transferred = three GE waivers

GE waivers may be applied to the second GE III Foreign Language course, the second GE III Natural Science course, and/or the GE III Diversity course. Waivers will be applied on the student's progress report as transcripts are received and the number of transfer credits earned is confirmed. For more details, discuss transfer waivers with an adviser.