WITHDRAWAL FROM THE COLLEGE reflects a student's intent to sever permanently all affiliations with the college and to terminate matriculation. The Withdrawal from the College form is available in the Office of Academic Advising, which processes the request. Students who are withdrawn are blocked from taking any courses at New Paltz. Students who subsequently decide to return to New Paltz must apply for readmission.

If a student requests a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the College DURING THE SEMESTER, the student's courses will be dropped. A student who withdraws for medical or psychological reasons will have a hold placed on his or her registration. If the request is made during the official course change period, no record of enrollment will be reflected on the permanent transcript. If the request is made after the official course change period, grades of "W" will be reflected on the transcript. The student will be liable for tuition and, if applicable, room and board, through the date the form is submitted to Academic Advising. Questions concerning liability and aid should be addressed to Student Accounts. Students may request a Leave or Withdrawal until approximately two weeks prior to the last day of classes. The exact deadlines are printed in the Academic Calender every semester. Students who stop attending class and do not submit a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the College form will receive grades of "F".

Leaves and Withdrawals after the deadline are rarely permitted, and only for compelling professionally certified non-academic reasons, such as unforeseen medical or financial problems. Requests should be made in writing to the Dean of Academic Advising and should include supporting documentation from a physician or other professional familiar with the circumstances. Such requests are only entertained if the student received an entire semester of "F" grades and earns a 2.5 or better in the next semester at New Paltz. 

Students requesting a Leave or Withdrawal for a future semester may do so at any time. Their course registrations, if applicable, will be canceled without any transcript notation and they will not incur any tuition liability.

Withdraw from college form