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NOTE: Spring 2018 was the final cohort for this program. Beginning in Fall 2018, we began offering an MS in Psychological Science.

Curriculum Requirements

Master’s degree candidates for the MA in Psychology must complete a minimum of 36 credits. Students must maintain an average grade of B in graduate-level courses. The department may accept up to nine credits of graduate work taken elsewhere in which a grade of B or better was obtained. Curricular requirements are as follows:

Methodology (9 Credits)
PSY501Analysis of Variance3
PSY503Correlation & Multiple Regress3
PSY507Research Methods in Psychology3
Content Core (9 Credits)
Select one of the following:3
Infancy and Early Childhood
Middle Childhood & Adolescence
PSY560Cognitive Processes 3
or PSY570 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY516Organizational Psychology 3
or PSY556 Contemporary Issues in Social Psychology
Experimental Specialization (12 Credits)
PSY558Seminar in Contemporary Research 3
PSY500Research Practicum 11
PSY500Research Practicum1
PSY500Research Practicum1
Select one of the folloiwng:6
6-credit empirical thesis
3-credit literature review thesis plus 3-credit empirical independent study
Elective (2 Credits)
Select 2 elective credits2