Admission Requirements                                                                                        Apply to a SUNY New Paltz graduate program

The deadline for receipt of all admission materials for the M.S. Ed. in Visual Arts Education program is April 15. Please prepare the following items for inclusion in the online application process:

  • One official copy of transcripts showing all undergraduate and graduate course work and earned degrees. A minimum of 3.0 cumulative grade point average is required for admission.
  • Evidence of New York State initial certification in art education.
  • Contact information for two school administrators or personnel who will write you a letter of recommendation
  • A current resume or CV indicating at least one year of teaching experience.
  • A paper which presents your art teaching philosophy with examples from current practice.
  • Statement descriptive of area(s) of interest such as curriculum, pedagogy, philosophy, reform, or society as it relates to art education on which the applicant wishes to focus for graduate studies.
  • A portfolio of personal and student studio work.

Program Requirements

  • File a degree plan of study during the first semester after matriculation or while enrolled in ARE701 , Seminar in Art Education;
  • Complete prescribed course work and other requirements within six years after matriculation;
  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in all course work with no more than two grades below B-;
  • Complete 33 graduate credits, 15 of which must be in 700-level courses.
  • A thesis is required. Under the guidance of a graduate committee, the student will develop an appropriate presentation commensurate with accepted standards of scholarship.

Summer Intensive Graduate Program in Visual Arts Education

M.S.Ed. in Visual Arts Education (050A Major, 050S Concentration)

Meets NY State requirements for M.S. in Art Ed/Professional Certificate Programs – includes 12 credits linking content with pedagogy (Master’s Seminar [3], Research in Art Education [3], Thesis in Art Education [6]. Meets NASAD requirements of 6 credits of art history/criticism. Meets all NCATE requirements for graduate programs in teacher education.

Year One – 18 credits

Summer, five weeks (12 credits)

Fall, online (3 credits)

Spring, online (3 credits)

Year Two – 15 credits

Summer, five weeks (9 credits)

Program Capstone (thesis):

Fall, online (3 credits)

  1. Thesis in Art Education I  (online with 2 on-site meetings)

Spring, online (3 credits)

  2. Thesis in Art Education II (online with 2 on-site meetings)